A Different SkyBlock Experience

A Server for you


We care for every player the same. We want all players on our network to have a possitive experience. If you feel the same, feel free to apply for staff inside our discord.

Regular Updates

SkyLunis has many updates and security patches. We will always choose fixing an issue before adding a new feature to the server


At SkyLunis, we want to know that your thoughts and opinions matter to us. Be sure to let us know of any problems you may face while playing with us.

Simple & Clean

We keep things as Simple and as Clean as possible, making it easy for new players to come right in and get started. If something is at all confusing, be sure to let a staff or owner know, and we will get right to work on the issue.

Powerful, together.

We are here to serve you. We are a network, and we want to work with you, and for you to fufill your needs.

The Skin behind

Apply for our Staff team!


Owner & Lead Developer